PNC IT Rates and Terms


PNC IT consultants are knowledgeable in many facets of the technology landscape with knowledge in Security Administration, Network Administration, Server Administration, and other areas to keep your system running smoothly. These services are billed hourly according to the following table:

Classification Remote | Onsite
Regular Per Hour
Remote | Onsite
Overtime Per Hour
Remote | Onsite
Holiday Per Hour
Support Consultant$95 | $150$145 | $225$190 | $300
Backup & DR Administrator
Firewall Administrator
Network Administrator
Password Management Administrator
Security Administrator
Server Administrator
Workstation Administrator
Social Media Specialist
Web Developer


Overtime rates are charged for work performed outside of PNC’s normal operating hours.


Travel time only applies to clients outside of the Kenai & Soldotna City Limits. Additional travel fees are as follows:

Airfare: Will be billed at cost + 10%
Hotel: Will be billed at cost + 10%
Meals & Incidentals: Standard Government Rate
Rental car: Will be billed at cost + 10%; fuel will be billed at cost


Materials Purchased are invoiced at cost +20%
Shipping will be billed at cost + 10%
Tools or Equipment will be billed at cost; any special equipment that needs to be rented will be billed at cost

Invoicing & Payment

All standard and agreement invoices will be billed by the 15th of each month and are due Net 15 upon receipt. Project invoices are billed on the 1st of each month and are due Net 1. Invoices will be emailed or mailed to the designated point of contact. Payments can be made through our portal with E-checks (ACH) or with credit cards. You may also mail checks made out to PNC IT.